Deprecation Notice

Published on by Terin Stock

After 9 years, I'm announcing that is now deprecated. For more details, see the announcement issue. At this point, remaining users should migrate back to the official registry from Brownouts of the registry components will be announced on the aforementioned issue.

Thanks to everyone who has either help support over the years, or been a user. I had a great time, and learned a ton on operating a service used by users all around the world.

Now Supporting IPv6 Connections

Published on by Terin Stock

In previous years, today would have been celebrated as World IPv6 Day. Although a little late to the party, as of this afternoon,'s edge is configured for IPv6. So, if you're on an IPv6 connection, you would have automatically started using it.

Soft Launch of the Mirror

Published on by Terin Stock

The mirror is up and running, and ready to start taking requests. However, for the time being I'm calling this a “soft launch” as there's a few changes and tweaks that need to be done as I scale everything up.

I look forward to announcing a full launch in the next little bit.